History Statement for the Limestone Quarry in Providence Canyon

The Providence Limestone Quarry, also known as the Providence Rock Quarry or the Johnson
Quarry, is located in Providence Canyon approximately three miles east of the mouth of the canyon
and the east municipal boundary of Providence, Utah. Portions of the open-pit quarry are completely
or partially within nine parcels of approximately 575 acres; however, the worked potion of the quarry
is only approximately 140 acres. The quarry is divided into two sections. The original portion,
established in 1903, is approximately 86 acres and extends east to west on both sides of Providence
Canyon Road, also called the quarry road. A separate section, the “new” quarry established in 1945,
is located at the west end on the south side of the road. The only remaining visible contributing
structure is a circa 1920 reservoir and culvert at the base of a spring-fed waterfall. The quarry road is
a linear feature, but has been modified and is a currently a non-contributing structure. Both sections
in the open-pit quarry were worked until 1982. The period of significance spans from 1903 to 1967,
after which time the quarry was completely modernized.
The quarry is located within the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The quarry land slopes
downward, with an elevation ranging from approximately 7,200 feet at the east end to 6,400 feet at
the west end. The quarry was worked from a natural outcropping of limestone mixed with sandstone
in the canyon. Surrounding the quarry site, Spring Creek is fed by five spring branches running
through north to south hollows. North of the quarry are Welches, Rocky, and Box Elder Hollows.
South of the quarry are First Waterfall and Second Waterfall Hollows. Three of the waterfalls are
visible from the quarry site. At the top of the canyon above the workings, are mostly lodgepole pine
trees with scattered spruce and fir. On the quarry floor, some grasses, sagebrush, and a few box elder
and canyon maple trees are growing in the detritus of the quarry workings. United States Department of the Interior
National Park Service / National Register of Historic Places Registration Form
NPS Form 10-900 OMB No. 1024-0018 (Expires 5/31/2012